This course is for you if…

  • You hate your job and want to build your own business, but don’t know how

  • You already have a freelance business on the side but feel stuck and can’t imagine it supporting you full time

  • You want to quit your job and go freelance but with minimal risk

  • You want to start your side hustle but don’t know how to win clients

  • You have a dream to go freelance but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

4 steps to going freelance

  • Committing to the decision

    Understanding your WHY is crucial to maintaining motivation. We’ll explore what your perfect work day looks like, what your values and motivations are, and how you need to grow and develop to get there.

  • Setting meaningful goals and objectives

    Without clear goals and objectives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This module is all about knowing exactly where you are going and breaking goals down into straightforward actions.

  • Finding your clients

    You won’t have much of a freelance business without clients! Here we’ll look at different client acquisition methods, and I’ll share the best ways to build financial stability and grow your client base.

  • Making money

    Money is even more important when you work for yourself, so it’s crucial to become comfortable around it. That means knowing what you’re worth, knowing how to negotiate, why you’re probably undercharging and getting around self-sabotaging behaviours around money.

This course includes...

  • Video presentations

    Online video presentations for you to watch, listen along and take notes.

  • Downloadable workbooks

    Workbooks for you to download and fill in to make sure you’re fully absorbing the course content.

  • Practical templates

    Highly practical templates to work from to put your knowledge into action.

  • Suggested reading

    Reading lists to help you deepen your knowledge.

  • Recommended videos

    Videos to watch to enhance your learning.

Course Contents

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Going Freelance - Committing to the Decision

    • Video: Committing to the Decision

    • Workbook

    • Visualisation Exercise

    • Suggested reading

    • Suggested watching

  • 3

    Setting Meaningful Goals & Objectives

    • Video: Setting Meaningful Goals & Objectives

    • Workbook

    • Creating an Action Plan

    • Suggested reading

    • Suggested watching

  • 4

    Finding Clients

    • Video: Finding Clients

    • Workbook

    • Creating a Client Hit List

    • Suggested reading

    • Suggested watching

  • 5

    Making Money

    • Video: Making Money

    • Workbook

    • Suggested reading

    • Suggested watching

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